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Ice Hockey Betting

Ice hockey betting is now easier and safer than ever.  The vast majority of online bookies offer hockey betting in some form, but this site is dedicated to informing you of the best online sportsbooks to bet on ice hockey.  After some long and tedious research we have narrowed our list down to four online sportsbetting websites.  Each of these four betting sites are very well respected in the industry because they each offer fair odds, fast payouts, solid customer service and they are all extremely trustworthy, which is a very important characteristic in an online bookie.

That being said there is one sports betting site that has set themselves apart from the pack in terms of hockey betting – 5Dimes Sportsbook. 5Dimes offers the best odds on the vast majority of hockey games around the world and offers a great variety of prop bets and futures to keep every hockey betting fanatic satisfied!

5Dimes Sportsbook is the best place to bet ice hockey online!Hockey Betting at 5Dimes
Reduced Juice Lines for both Regular Season and Playoff Games
Up to $520 Available in Sign Up Bonuses
Trusted Since 1998 With Thousands of Members
Bet Hockey at 5Dimes
Niko“5Dimes is my go to sportsbook for NHL betting! The reduced juice lines they offer have won me thousands of extra dollars over the past few years! If it wasn’t for 5Dimes I may not be a winning NHL bettor.”

Niko D.

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5Dimes caters to players from everywhere in the world and the reduced juice should be enough to sell any aspiring hockey bettor that wishes to be profitable. On top of this 5Dimes offers a sign up bonus of up to $520! You receive a 50% bonus on all first deposit amounts between $100 and $400, and an additional 20% bonus on all deposits up to $2000! These bonus dollars clear in increments so it shouldn’t take long before you are betting with free money! Here is a screenshot of the 5Dimes website:

If you aren’t convinced 5Dimes is right for you (which is very surprising) then we have also listed three other solid sportsbooks for ice hockey betting and their features below. Check them out and see if anything tickles your fancy…

Other Ice Hockey Betting Sites


  • 15% up to $500 first deposit bonus (Use Bookmaker.com bonus code at registration to receive the bonus).
  • Accepts bettors from all countries, including the USA.
  • Most popular online bookie in the United States.
  • Received an A+ rating from SBR, the most respected sportsbetting review site online.
  • Prides themselves on being the first online sportsbook to offer betting odds.  Hence the motto “where the line originates”.
  • Offers NHL game lines and futures, as well as game lines from professional leagues in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland.
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  • Instant 10% matching bonus on any first deposit amount.  No betting requirements required to release!
  • One of the most popular, most respected and most trustworthy online bookies in North America and around the world.
  • Offers NHL futures, game lines and prop bets, as well as international hockey game lines.
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My favourite types of ice hockey bets nowadays are the preseason futures bets and the NHL playoff series bets. I have found that it is really hard to pick winners in a single game scenario because the league is so competitive that any team could win one game on any given night. For this reason, I like certain futures bets, such as the division winner and playoff series bets. I think that through an entire season the best team will win the division and the majority of the time the best team will win their playoff series.

Don’t get me wrong, ice hockey game betting during the season is still profitable if you pick and choose certain games with advantageous hockey odds.  Just understand that the variance will be high. Ice hockey betting will still make the games more exciting though, which is the main reason to bet in the first place. The fact is, you will have more fun watching a hockey game if you have money on it.